The York Dispatch asked on its Facebook page what readers thought of the Fourth of July fireworks display at Sovereign Bank Stadium.

Here's what you had to say:

* Tara Marie Stein: What a fantastic event! Our family had a fabulous time!

* Angela J. McCallister: I think the staff at the stadium did a fantastic job in creating a festive and fun time for all!

* Larissa Ruiz: Love the stadium

* Mike Perry: Fireworks sucked!!!!!!

*Chelle Johnson: Wow. Shame on the peeps who said the fireworks sucked. The display in their back yards must have been better.

* Peggy Ann Roche: Didn't go this year, and will not go to that stadium for any reason, especially after dark. So glad that they city taxpayers had to put out more money this year for emergency services. I hope that they take their disgust to the polls and get Bracey out of office. When they are at the fairground, the emergency services from at least 3 different municipalities share the cost, and there are more volunteers. From what I saw the fireworks royally sucked. (Please excuse the language, but it fits the description.) Oh, I did attend Springettsbury fireworks on Sunday. Great program, lots of vendors, and fantastic fireworks!

* Jeremy Miller: Actually, all the emergency funding is covered under the permit fees and the agreement the stadium has with the city. Curious to know why you wouldn't go to the stadium at night? Because there hasn't been 1 reported case of violence during or after a night game.


* Ryan Uffelman: Change!! I can't deal with change!!!! Noooo!

* Keith Woodson: Awesome. Will be back next year if they are at the stadium!

Brandy Shiflett: I personally think the fireworks sucked. Even my children ages 7 and 5 said they like Sunday's display at Springettsbury park better. The activities for the children was nice that's if you didn't stand in line forever to be told the 5th person ahead of you was the cut off or have your children being pushed and cursed at by older kids not with their parents. Hopefully the kinks get worked out.

* Jeremy Miller: Bon-Ton dropped sponsorship of the fireworks display and no one stepped in to cover the costs. The York Revolution & a small non profit group stepped in so there would be fireworks period. Call the York fairgrounds corporation and complain then!! Fire works are free to view and the fact they were in the City is great! Just wish "The City" would of gotten on board and turned it into a major event. Maybe a new Mayor next year will do that!

* Jamie Moore: According to my timeline, horrible. Thankfully we enjoyed a 360 degree view smack in the middle of the bay. Dewey, Bethany, Dagsboro, Fenwick and about 8 other sets of fire works.

* Lanette Bare Miller: Like the Expo fireworks MUCH better!! Sorry Sovereign!!!!

* Sabrina Brenner: My kids had fun but it was packed and the fair is the fair and its not the same plus it would have been nice if we could see the fireworks next time they were too low!

* Stephanie Mummert: They nd to go back to the fair. My opinion is. One safety. 2 Parking. 3. Not enough room like the fair brings. They can pack tons of kids in the fair n show free movies. N stuff plus the fireworks.

* Keith Woodson: what safety concerns are there with Sovereign Bank Stadium?

* Mike Perry: It cost the fairgrounds $70,000 in past. Ever since BonTon left town n stop sponsoring the fair had to do it. Just be lucky it was free to get in the stadium this year. Because in past when they first built it, it was suppose to be a city celebration and charge $10 to get in.

* Laken Richelle: Was very pleased! Can't beat all the free activities for the kids, live music, food, games, short lines had a good time !!

* Keith Woodson: Why doesn't everyone who wants the fireworks at the Fairgrounds write a letter to Bon Ton asking them why they stopped funding them? I liked them in downtown York. I have never heard of any crime occurring with in a 4 block radius of the stadium. Maybe its for the best that the people who say they will never set foot in downtown York after dark.

* Amanda DeLauder: I think Springettsbury park did a way better job and that they should hold them at the fair like always!

* Patrick May: Had a TON of fun at the stadium! Everyone is just pissed because they didn't have the tradition the same.