2 p.m. Update: Chinatown Express is open for business after passing an inspection Friday afternoon.

The restaurant was closed Thursday by order of the York City Bureau of Health after failing a complaint-driven inspection that found multiple critical violations.

All of the critical violations have been corrected, said Tamika Rascoe, the city's health and sanitation officer.

Reported earlier:

The York City Bureau of Health shut down a Chinese restaurant Thursday after it failed a complaint-driven inspection.

Chinatown Express, 150 W. Market St., will remain closed until it passes a follow-up inspection, said Tamika Rascoe, the city's health and sanitation officer.

Rascoe tallied more than a dozen violations, including dirty floors throughout the restaurant, a broken walk-in cooler, accumulation of grease on equipment and blood from a beef tray leaking onto other food.

Many of the violations were "critical," especially the lack of refrigeration to store food at proper temperatures, she said.

Rascoe said she inspects each of the city's roughly 500 food-service establishments - including school cafeterias - at least once a year.


Of those, Rascoe said about two or three inspections a year result in a restaurant's ordered closure.

A restaurant can fail an inspection but remain open. An accumulation of critical violations, however, results in the restaurant's closure, Rascoe said.

That means "it's really bad," she said.

Rascoe said she plans to check on the progress at Chinatown Express on Friday.

"If I find one critical item, they're not reopening," she said. "It's up to them how quick they can get it together."

The restaurant's owner could not be immediately reached for comment Thursday.

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