Three homes and a doctor's office along Joppa Road in York Township were evacuated Wednesday night after a car crashed into an outside gas meter, causing a leak.

Residents of the three homes and patients and staff of Pediatric Care of York, 2675 Joppa Road, were evacuated for a little over an hour as emergency crews checked to see if gas had seeped into the buildings, said Russ Bedell, Columbia Gas spokesman.

Bedell said readings found that no gas made it inside any of the three homes or the medical office.

The incident was reported just before 8 p.m., and a Columbia Gas crew had the gas shut off by 9:05 p.m., he said.

The injured driver of the car involved in the crash was taken to York Hospital for treatment, said Josh Stiffler, York Township assistant fire chief.

Crash: Dr. Allen Nussbaum said he was in the pediatric office when he heard a car crash followed by an odd noise.

"I heard a strange hissing noise, the gas blowing," he said.

Nussbaum said he called 911, and quickly arriving firefighters evacuated the office.

The driver of the car didn't make a bend on Joppa Road and crashed into a telephone box and the gas meter, knocking out gas service to Country Meadows of York - South retirement community, Stiffler said.

When crews arrived at the scene, "the gas was blowing" from the meter, Stiffler said.

The driver was only person injured in the incident, he said.

Evacuated: Though the office is normally open until 8:30 p.m., staff stays there until all patients have been seen.


The office was scheduled to see patients until 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, Nussbaum said.

Evacuated patients and staff of the clinic were kept about a block away from the scene.

As crews worked the scene, Joppa Road between South George Street and Leader Heights Road and Leader Heights Road between South George Street and Pine Grove Road were closed but reopened a short time later.

A Columbia Gas crew will work through the night to restore gas to the retirement community, Bedell said.

He said repairs should be completed by mid-morning Thursday.

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