Terry Fancher won $10,000 when making his first-ever ace at a charity golf tournament on Friday.
Terry Fancher won $10,000 when making his first-ever ace at a charity golf tournament on Friday. (File Photo)

Terry Fancher doesn't play a lot of golf these days.

The 49-year-old Shrewsbury Township man is married with two kids and a job. That doesn't leave a lot of free time.

Friday, Fancher played just his second round of the year at Hickory Heights Golf Club near Spring Grove in the Bill Allman Memorial Charity Golf Classic to benefit New Freedom's St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

The infrequent golfer, however, made a shot that Tiger Woods would be proud of.

Fancher had a hole in one on No. 17, a 180-yard par 3, for his first-ever ace. He used a 3-iron That's noteworthy by itself. But Fancher also won $10,000 in the process.

"It was funny, earlier in the day I had pulled out my 3-iron and I told someone it was probably the first time I hit a 3-iron in five years," Fancher said.

Charity golf tournaments often feature large prizes for getting a hole in one on a specific hole. It's extremely rare, however, that a golfer actually gets the ace and wins the prize. Fancher defied those odds.

"I didn't see it go in," Fancher said. "I knew I hit it pretty good. One of the guys in the group said something like 'it's right at the pin,' but then we lost it. We had no idea it went in. There was a guy on the tee and a guy at the green (to verify the shot) and the guy at the green stood up and waved his hat, but we didn't know what that meant. We drove down to the green and I made a comment about where my ball was at, and the guy at the green said to look in the hole, and there it was. ... I heard later on that the ball took one hop and went right in the hole."


Once he and his playing partners realized what happened, Fancher said there was a rather loud reaction.

"Everyone on the golf course probably heard us at that point," Fancher said. "We were very excited and did some high fives and screamed a little bit."

Fancher plans to split the money five ways between himself and his playing partners (Joe Procopio, Sean Fitzgerald and Scott Coombes) and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

"The three guys I played with are good friends, and we've often said that if anyone wins anything, we'd split it, so I'm real happy to do that," Fancher said.

Fancher, who is an account manager with a communications company, said he used to shoot in the mid-80s "about 20 years ago" when he would play 10-15 times a year -- but that was before he had children.

Despite his one-in-a-million shot, Fancher doesn't think there will be another ace in his future.

"It was just a really cool experience, but I certainly don't expect to get another," he said.

Bogan has ace at Briar wood: Sam Bogan also had a hole in one at Briarwood East Golf Club, also on Friday.

He aced the 148-yard 12th hole with a 5-wood.

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