This year, admission to York High football games will cost just two quarters for players in four youth football leagues.

There's one catch, but the kids probably won't mind. They have to wear their jerseys.

It's the first time the York City School District is offering the discounted rate of 50 cents for York Bears, South York, Boys Club of York and Wellington players.

Before, the price to a home Bearcats game would have been about $2.

"We want to promote the local football leagues in York," Superintendent Eric Holmes said.

Holmes said the discounts are the result of talks between the administration and youth-football organizers.

"We like having those kids attend our games. We want to promote the York High tradition, York High pride," he said.

York's home games begin at 7 p.m. Home games are scheduled for Friday, Sept. 20 against Northeastern, Oct. 18 against Spring Grove and Nov. 1 against Central York.

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