Netflix unveils the latest addition to its collection of notable original and

exclusive series with "Derek," launching today. As with all Netflix series, every episode is available for viewing.

Series creator Ricky Gervais stars in the title role in this six-part bittersweet comedy, playing a simple-minded 49-year-

old working in a home for the elderly. Derek and the folks he tends to and lives among are on the outskirts of mainstream society, and their troubles -- public and private -- give Derek and his friends and co-workers, including Hannah (Kerry Godliman) and Dougie (Karl Pilkington), plenty to discuss, often in lurid detail.

Like "The Office," the series' narrative structure is based on a document-

ary film, this time looking at the workings of a group home. As on "Extras," a lot of "Derek" consists of commentary about television and, particularly, the reality television genre, Derek's favorite.

In "The Office," "Extras" and "Life's Too Short," Gervais was never afraid to go for the offensive joke and the cruel observation, particularly about the vulner-


Viewers may be a tad confused here. Is Gervais playing the mentally challenged Derek for sympathy or for laughs? Or both? That may be enough to put some off from watching the show.

Gervais' characters have always been designed to inflict a great deal of provocative discomfort upon his audience. But some fans of his approach may never forgive Gervais for this series' sentimentality.

---The popular spy spoof "Burn Notice" (9 p.m., USA, TV-PG) ends its seven-season run. This tale of a CIA spy, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), exiled from the agency and forced to depend on his own resources, "MacGyver"-like, was most notable for clever narrative asides, allowing Michael to explain the tricks of the spy trade for the audience. And who couldn't love a show that gave Bruce Campbell a steady gig as a somewhat over-the-hill ex-Navy SEAL?


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