A Texas Longhorn steer accidentally became a free attraction to residents and motorists in a West York neighborhood Sunday night after it got out of the trailer in which it was being transported home from the York Fair.

A couple of borough police officers spotted the animal walking in the street at the intersection of West Market Street and Highland Avenue shortly before 7 p.m., according to a police report.

The police and fire departments blocked off the 1400 block of West Market Street while the owners tried to capture it, but they were unable and the steer ran into the north side of the borough, where it was loose for about half an hour, according to the report.

Police, fire officials, and the owners were finally able to catch the steer "and restore order" around 7:30, returning it to its trailer in the 1700 block of Filbert Street, according to the report.

Longhorns, known for distinctive horns that can stretch as far as 7 feet, can weigh about a ton.

Fair president Gene Schenk said the huge animal was "probably a little intimidating to some people."

Schenk said the animal was part of a Longhorn show on Sunday and was on its way home when its trailer door came unlatched.

"Over the years, there's always the worry that a big animal will get loose or misbehave, but the handlers do a great job of keeping them under control," he said.


"We show guinea pigs, too, but if a guinea pig gets out of the car on the way home, that doesn't make the news."