The state closed a Springettsbury Township Thai restaurant last week after an inspection found numerous violations, including the presence of "roach-type" insects.

A state inspection of Thai House Cuisine, 3609 E. Market St., showed 18 violations of the state's safe food serving regulations.

The inspector "observed live roach-type insects maneuvering across food contact surfaces" and found that staff was removing dead or trapped insects from traps that contained "dead roach-type insects too numerous to count," according to the report filed.

A food worker was observed eating or tasting food in the cooking area, and food handlers were not wearing hair restraints while preparing food or working in the kitchen, according to the report. An employee was also touching ready-to-eat food with his or her bare hands.

The inspector "observed an employee licking her fingers on both hands while cooking," according to the report. "Inspector informed her three times to wash her hands and she did not wash them. Later in the inspection the same employee was touching ready to eat garnish with her bare hands without washing them."

The inspector also noted that foods were not being stored at safe temperatures, with juice and creamer being held at 63 degrees instead of the 41 degrees or lower as required. The ambient temperature of a server refrigerator was 63 degrees, according to the report.

There was an "unauthorized child" in the kitchen, meaning the person in charge "failed to control access to food facility by unauthorized persons," the report read.


Calls to the restaurant went answered, and an owner could not immediately be reached for comment. The store remained closed Thursday.

During the inspection, a hand wash sink in the kitchen area was blocked by a table and had a cutting board placed on top of it, meaning it was not accessible employees to use. The inspector moved the table and removed the cutting board, but "half way through the inspection, the table was blocking the sink again," according to the report.

The inspector "observed no hand-washing during the inspection by any employee" and the hand sink was dry, according to the report.

Other violations included a spray bottle of water not labeled with the contents, a scoop being stored in the ice machine with the handle in the ice, employees not using sanitizer test strips or test kit to determine sanitizer concentration, lack of sanitizer use, food contact surfaces being wiped with a soiled wet cloth which has not been in sanitizer, inaccurate thermometers, non-food contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil, and a grease trap lid that was removed, "with various sticks and tools in the grease trap."

The restaurant will be closed until the owners or managers can address all of the violations and pass a follow-up inspection, said Department of Agriculture Press Secretary Samantha Krepps.

The department has not yet reinspected because all of the issues identified in the report have not been resolved, she said.

"The cleaning and roach problems have been addressed, however the owners were instructed to contact a plumbing company to fix the grease trap and sewage issue," she said.