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A statewide school performance profile website went live Friday without key scoring factors regarding test data for more than 600 public schools in Pennsylvania.

Of York County schools, only three school districts had complete profiles on the website, created by the state Department of Education. Every profile listed data about enrollment, the attendance rate and demographics, but some were missing scores from PSSA and Keystone tests.

The missing data was largely because of incorrectly-marked Keystone tests.

Students who did not mark their tests as end-of-year exams did not have scores that went toward growth measures or the overall building scores. Most York County school districts chose to withhold their scores in the high school and middle schools until they have a chance to correct those marked tests.

York County superintendents said they wanted to make sure the information for the first year are correct. In the future, schools will be scored on how much they improve from this first year.

"If this is our baseline year, we wanted to make sure that we were 100 percent accurate," said Joshua Doll, assistant superintendent at Dallastown Area School District.

The scores do not mean anything until school officials have had a chance to make sure they are correct, said Emilie Lonardi, superintendent at West York Area School District.

"We're not going to put much credence in it until we know it's right," Lonardi said.

Eastern York School District, Hanover Public and York Suburban received complete profile scores Friday.

How it works: The scores for each building were assessed on a scale from 0 to 100 and were based on standardized tests and other factors like graduation rates and attendance. Eastern York High School scored 79.2, Hanover High School scored 65.3 and York Suburban High School scored 97.4.

State education officials said scores of 70 or higher are considered satisfactory.

The other school districts will be given deadlines to correct their test information by the department. Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq said the scores should be available in December.

Dumaresq said PSSA scores and Keystone results would not be available until December when the profiles are deemed correct.

Completed profiles: Many York County schools scored well on the profiles that were released. Every elementary school in the county received a score Friday, as well as some intermediate and middle schools.

Schools in the Dallastown School District scored above 81.9. Loganville-Springfield Elementary School, which was designated as a national Blue Ribbon School in September, scored a 97.6.

The Hanover Public School District, West Shore and York City were the only districts to have schools that scored less than 70.

Blank scoring: Dumaresq said the department chose to release the profiles with the missing growth data to showcase the existing strength of the data-collecting system.

Dumaresq said more than 4.6 million data elements are already included in the website, which is to be celebrated.

"The system is healthy," Dumaresq said. "The system responds to data given by local superintendents."

Dumaresq said the profiles are largely complete, aside from the testing data.

"We felt holding the whole thing to wait for one was probably not in our best interest," she said.

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