New Hope Academy officials plan to appeal Tuesday's decision by the Pennsylvania Charter Appeals Board to deny a renewal of the school's charter.

The appeals board voted unanimously not to renew the charter and said the York City charter school must close by Jan. 15.

New Hope serves grades 5 through 12 and has about 820 students and about 100 employees.

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The statement issued by the charter school follows:

"First, we will appeal to remain open. We are deeply disappointed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education's decision not to approve our charter's appeal, effective Jan 15, 2014.

We remain dedicated to putting kids first, and we'll continue to remain by our students' and staff's side to the very end. That is why we will appeal the Charter Appeal Board's decision to keep our school open. During this appeals process, we believe students deserve a consistent and safe educational environment, without disruption. Students and their families should not be ripped from a stable school environment with little to no time to prepare for a smooth transition as we appeal to remain open.

"New Hope Academy is home to more than 800 students, many of which left a failing or unsafe school. Our students rely on our school as a safe and supportive place. This is why we will appeal to remain open.


During our appeal, we will petition to grant a stay to remain open so that our students may finish their school year here at New Hope Academy Charter School. We will be filing all the necessary documents in the coming days. We ask that you please stay up to date by following our posts and updates for ways to support our appeal. Thank you for your support and putting kids and our communities first. Change does start with choice. And we will appeal."