Dollar General is no longer considering a historic Springettsbury Township property as a potential site for store relocation, to the relief of those who protested the potential development.

The discount retailer had been considering the property as one of several options for relocation of its store in Stonybrook Shopping Center, but Dollar General spokeswoman Crystal Ghassemi said the historic site at 3790 E. Market St. has been scrapped as a possibility.

"Obviously we take into consideration community concern...and we want to be respectful of that," she said. "But we also looked at it from a business perspective and it didn't make a good business sense for us to move to that location."

The growing retailer, which recently opened its 11,000th store, plans to open 650 new stores and relocate or remodel 550 stores in 2013, she said. Dollar General is still examining other potential sites for the Stonybrook store, but the plans are preliminary and the store could "just end up staying where it is," she said.

There are 29 Dollar General stores in York County, a dozen of which are listed in the metro York area.

The land at 3790 E. Market St. is known as the "Ettline property," named after the family that lived there and operated an antique store for decades.

And though the property has switched hands a couple of times since the Ettlines last lived there a few years ago, descendents were among those fighting to preserve the 1.


1-acre site or encourage a use that didn't involve damage to the existing 19th-century structures.

The family launched a preemptive campaign to save the old house and barn from demolition, through such plans had not been announced. The property, in a prime commercial location, is still for sale.

Preservation activist Jane Heller said she appreciated Dollar General "coming to their senses," but there's nothing preventing another potential buyer from razing the house and barn.

"They didn't have to give up," she said. "It's not to say it won't be sold to someone else who wants to tear it down."

Heller said the discussion about the Ettline property and other historic properties in the township has inspired an Oct. 23 meeting, being held to air historic preservation options.

The meeting will be held 5:30 p.m. at the township's municipal building.