This weekend will be a little cooler, but typical for York County, meteorologists said.

Both National Weather Service and meteorologists said a cold front coming through the area Saturday will mean a cool Sunday.

John LaCorte, with the National Weather service, said Sunday's high temperature will be near 60 degrees, while Mike Leseney with predicted the high being in the low 60s.

"It's going to be a little cooler than normal, but nothing earth-shattering," John LaCorte said.

The normal high for this time in October is about the mid 60s, he added.

He described the cold front coming through this weekend as typical for this time of year.

Leseney said Saturday will be in the upper 60s with a chance for a few showers late afternoon and in the evening.

"But we're not looking at a lot of rain," he said. "It's been exceptionally wet this month."

The county has received 10 inches of rain so far, and most of it came during the downpour on October 10 and 11, Leseney said. The normal rain amount for the month is about 2 inches he said.

October's high temperature average started at 73 degrees at the beginning of the month. Now the average is 68 degrees, Leseney said.

"You're getting the normal drop of a degree every day, and it's dropping fast," he said. "That's how it goes."

Both the weather service and predict Monday's high temperature will be about 65 degrees.