David Rinehart
David Rinehart

A Shrewsbury Township man has been found guilty of two misdemeanors for making threats and having a hit list of people he purportedly planned to kill that included a local district judge and two attorneys.

David E. Rinehart, 70, of 15341 Whitcraft Road, remains free on supervised bail awaiting sentencing, which Common Pleas Judge Gregory M. Snyder set for Dec. 16.

At the close of a non-jury trial Tuesday, Snyder found Rinehart guilty of making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

Testimony revealed Rinehart told officers at the time the threats and hit list were a calculated move on his part to "get some (police) action."

A standard-range sentence for the offenses would be probation, the judge said.

Snyder called Rinehart's actions "disconcerting," and initially struggled over whether to revoke bail pending sentencing, especially considering Rinehart has already served a significant amount of time in custody.

"I need to know ... that you are OK and everyone around you is OK -- to confirm you're not a danger to yourself or anyone else," he told the defendant. "Have you been taking your meds?"

"Yes sir," Rinehart replied.

"In my opinion, your honor, he's much better now," defense attorney Rick Robinson said.

Robinson and deputy prosecutor Kara Bowser declined comment outside the courtroom.

The background: Rinehart walked into Smith Bros. Garage, 238 N. Main St. in Shrewsbury, about 9:45 a.m.


June 6, 2012, and said he was going to start shooting people with an AK-47 assault rifle.

He claimed he had a list of people he wanted to kill, in the order he wanted to do it, according to court records.

After garage workers notified Southern Regional Police, officers went to Rinehart's mobile home but he wasn't there, Sgt. Darryl Smuck has said.

Inside the trailer, officers found the hit list and a number of handwritten notes, some threatening to cut people's heads off with swords, police said.

The notes included "get AK-47, Kill as many as can, kill everybody" and "cut heads off 4 more women" and "I been hasseled for 5 or 6 months -- time for payback ... kill all but 6 pallbearers," according to documents.

The interior of Rinehart's trailer was destroyed, Smuck said, and officers seized several swords and a handgun from the home.

Found unarmed: Officers contacted Rinehart's family and friends, asking for the names of places he frequented, according to Smuck. One of those places was Bradley K. Smith's auction house in Chanceford Township, which is where officers found Rinehart and arrested him.

Rinehart was not armed when he was taken into custody, and no weapons were found in his pickup truck, which he'd driven to the auction house, Smuck said.

At the time of the incident, there was a mental-health warrant for his arrest, police have said. Despite that, Rinehart was taken to York County Prison.

Named in Rinehart's hit list were District Judge Jeff Joy; attorney Bernard Ilkhanoff, who recently represented Rinehart; Ilkhanoff's wife and law partner, Paula Silverstein; attorney D. Reed Anderson; a lifelong friend of Rinehart's named Baxter Myers; and two others, police said.

At the time of the incident, Myers told The York Dispatch that Rinehart is "an all-around nice guy" who was suffering from some recent mental-health issues.

Myers theorized the hit list was merely a plea for help.

Road-rage case: Rinehart made news two months prior to the hit-list incident for an alleged road-rage incident.

According to police, Rinehart was involved in a minor crash with another vehicle in the 600 block of South Main Street in Shrewsbury on April 14, 2012, then got out of his car and started a fight with the other driver.

During the fight, Rinehart choked the man until he nearly lost consciousness, according to police.

Rinehart was taken to York Hospital for a mental-health evaluation and charged with simple assault and harassment, police said.

The simple assault charge was withdrawn a month later, when Rinehart pleaded guilty to summary harassment.

At the time, Rinehart told The York Dispatch he didn't assault the other driver.

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