FAYETTEVILLE, Pa. - State police say a man who attempted to rob the residents of a house has been killed and the man who shot him has been charged in connection with his death.

Authorities say 21-year-old Janorris Hughes was fatally shot during the incident around 5:15 a.m. Wednesday at a Fayetteville house. He was pronounced dead around 6:50 a.m.

A man who fought with Hughes, 36-year-old Terry Fulton suffered three gunshot wounds from a .22-caliber rifle. He's being treated at York Hospital.

Police say after the attempted robbery, Hughes and Fulton left the house and that the home's owner, Mickle Shaffer, grabbed the rifle, found Hughes and shot him. Shaffer was arraigned before Judge Duane Cunningham. The charges were not immediately known and it was unclear whether Shaffer was still in custody.