York County's groundhogs seem to be pretty sure that the winter weather is far from over.

In York City, Poor Richard, the York Slumbering Groundhog Lodge's stuffed groundhog of yore, predicted six more weeks of winter through a poem.

At sunrise on Sunday, about 50 people attended the 86th ceremony, which also included the annual reciting of the Groundhog pledge and induction of new lodge members, said George "Skip" Lehmann, exalted communicator for the lodge.

"We predicted six more weeks of winter, so I'm sorry," he said.

The situation was the same at Dover Community Park, where the 12th annual Groundhog Day with Dover Doug ended with the same forecast.

About 100 people gathered to see Doug's signature interpretive dance.

Although that number was three or four times higher on a Saturday last year, Kristal Kennedy, the township's director of parks and recreation, said she was pleased with the attendance - especially considering how the holiday fell on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I'm happy with it for today," she said. "I think it was a nice turnout."

Family fun: Those who attended Dover Doug's event were treated to a pancake and sausage breakfast at the Dover Township Community Center.

Bob and Linda Dentler of Dover agreed that the event's organizers did a "terrific job."

"I just think Dover Township did a fine job," Bob said.

The two agreed they would come back again if the ceremony is on a weekend.

"It was different. It was the first time I ever went," Linda said, even though her nine grandkids often come to the ceremony.

Amy Grim of Dover Township said her kids love seeing Dover Doug.

"They look forward to it every year," she said.

Her daughter Brianna, 10, said she's only missed two years of the ceremony in her life. Aside from the food, she said she likes the anticipation of seeing Dover Doug.

"I like waiting for him to come out," she said.

Food and football: Even though there's no early spring, Yorkers can still celebrate tonight: The Super Bowl pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos at 6:30 p.m. on Fox.

Marc LaFlamme of Dover has been bringing his son Jeremy to see Dover Doug since he was born nine years ago.

"It's always fun," he said. "They make it fun, the little skit they do. And of course, the free pancakes are good, too."

The Buffalo Bills fan was rooting for the Broncos in Sunday's Super Bowl. Jeremy, a Steelers fan with every intention of differing from his dad, said he was rooting for the Seahawks.

John Zellers of Dover Township saw Dover Doug for the second time Sunday, noting that he enjoyed both the pancakes and the skit, which referenced the TV show "Duck Dynasty."

"It was pretty neat," he said.

After the early breakfast, Zellers said he was planning on visiting the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg before the game. The Washington Redskins fan said he was rooting for Denver.

"We'll watch the game between our eyelids, probably," he said.

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