Traveling salespeople without identification are not welcome to sell their wares in Southern York County schools, as one man discovered Tuesday morning.

The unidentified man tried to enter Friendship Elementary School around 10:30 a.m., said Southern Regional Police Chief James Boddington.

School officials did not allow the man to enter the building because he did not have any identification, and the man left the school property in a gold sedan.

The man claimed he had worked with the Lineboro Fire Department, but when school officials called the department they were not aware of the man, according to a notice to parents in the school district from superintendent Thomas Hensley.

Boddington said the school reported the incident as a suspicious person, and the police department is investigating. But a man matching the description of the person at the school also attempted to sell artwork at a dentist's office in Glen Rock this morning, suggesting the man's sales pitch was not directed just at the school, Boddington said.

The other district school buildings were notified to call police if the man showed up at their buildings, Boddington said, but at this time believes the visitor is not a threat.

Boddington said the school responded according to its procedures to keep the students safe, regardless of the man's possible legitimate purpose.

"This just shows the school's policy works," Boddington said.


Boddington said the department is reviewing the school's video surveillance to determine the man's license plate number as an added precaution.

Hensley said any person attempting to enter a school building must show identification and state a reason for the visit before being admitted by office staff.

"We feel good that the protocols and safety procedures worked as expected today," Hensley said.