Farves (Submitted Photo)

If Patrick Farves had a booking agent, that person would have had a busy few days.

Since Friday when the news broke that Farves was suspended for asking Miss America Nina Davuluri to prom, Farves has filmed segments for three television programs, has been called for comments by radio shows in New Zealand and Seattle and received Facebook messages from people he doesn't know, offering to be his prom date.

He's also served his first full day of in-school suspension.

"The entire past three days have been insane," Farves, a Central York senior, said Tuesday afternoon.

Farves appeared on the Today show, Inside Edition and the FOX News Channel, speaking with Shepard Smith. Farves said he was most nervous about the clip for Today, because the show's fast pace could be a little "overwhelming."

"It still hasn't even hit me that I was on the Today show," he said.

Background: Farves received the national attention after taking advantage of a question-and-answer session with Davuluri to ask if she'd accompany him to prom.

Farves presented Davuluri with a plastic flower. She giggled.

He did a little dance and returned to his seat.

But Farves' stunt earned him 3.5 days of in-school suspension - a punishment that triggered criticism of the district and support for Farves on social media that quickly spread to the national stage.

Central officials said an administrator had told Farves before the assembly not to follow through with his proposal plan.

He did anyway, and he's spent the days since talking to reporters across the country.

Prom date: Every interviewer has wanted to know the same thing - whether he's got a date for prom. Farves said he's still not sure if he'll take someone to the May 10 dance. But he's not in a short supply of offers, or celebrities giving him a shout-out about his original prom-posal.

Producers on the television shows offered to go if he doesn't have another specific girl in mind, he said. And he got a few mentions on The View and from Khloe Kardashian on Chelsea Handler's show, Chelsea Lately.

White House: Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the story apparently resonated with one White House inhabitant.

On Twitter, Davuluri said she'd thought for days about what to say to Michelle Obama when they met at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday.

The First Lady broke the ice.

"She led with 'So I hear you got some kid suspended...' Davuluri tweeted.

Farves still has two days left of suspension, and a few weeks to make a final decision on his prom date.

And there's a chance he could appear on The Ellen Show or others. Regardless of his prom status and other national attention, Farves said he plans to "chill" for the rest of his senior year.

"I'm not going to change," he said. "I'll still joke around. But on the big pranks, I think I'm good."

- Staff reporter Erin James contributed to this report. Reach Nikelle Snader at nsnader@yorkdispatch.com.