House Majority Whip Stan Saylor celebrated his primary election win Tuesday at Musso's Restaurant and Pizzeria with a cheeseburger sub, his favorite item on the menu.

Saylor, 59, of Windsor Township, won the election against challenger Kelly Henshaw with 58 percent of the vote, or 2,577 votes compared to Henshaw's 1,832.

Saylor, surrounded by supporters at the restaurant, said he was appreciative of the people who gave him a vote of confidence at the polls in his goal to eliminate property taxes and other issues he's focusing on.

"We're going to continue that battle," he said.

Steps ahead: Saylor has said he would support two property tax reform bills that could come up for a vote. Saylor has said he would support House Bill 76, which would mandate the elimination of property taxes, if the Senate version is introduced in the House. He said also supports House Bill 1189, which would give school districts the option to eliminate property taxes or rely on other tax sources without making it a statewide requirement.

Saylor said in the next few weeks, he'll be focusing on pension reform and passing a balanced budget, despite cuts from the federal government that have increased the state budget deficit.

Saylor said he'll also be looking into the idea of running for House majority leader following the November election. Saylor's peers will vote on that position if he is elected for a 12th term.

Having that influence in House leadership means York County values are represented in the higher levels of the state government, he has said.

Shift for Henshaw: Henshaw, 58, of Red Lion, said he was proud of the clean campaign he and his supporters ran, without mudslinging or negativity.

"The people voted their wishes," Henshaw said. "I'm hoping they're happy with the results they got."

The conservative Republican said he will now focus on his role as a Red Lion councilman, and in continuing the good work he's seen as a member of that group so far.

"I love our borough here," he said. "I'll just shift from one thing to another."

November: Saylor will face Democrat David Colon of Windsor in the November election. Colon was unopposed on Tuesday.

"I'm looking forward to having a meaningful conversation about the issues that interest the people of the 94th District," Colon said in a message before the Tuesday primary.

In a toast with supporters Tuesday, Saylor was also looking toward the November election.

"This is to a big Republican victory in the fall," he said.

The 94th District covers Chanceford, East Hopewell, Fawn, Hopewell, Lower Chanceford, Lower Windsor, North Hopewell, Peach Bottom, Windsor townships and part of York Township. It also includes Cross Roads, Delta, East Prospect, Fawn Grove, Felton, Red Lion, Stewartstown, Windsor, Winterstown and Yorkana.

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