In responding to your recent editorial on the Department of Public Welfare name change, I must correct the record.

The legislation that changes the name of the Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services, which I authored and has passed the General Assembly, is cost-neutral. The House fiscal note attached to the bill itself reports that it will cost zero dollars for the implementation. I wrote this will to be 100 percent cost-neutral.

No new stationary will be ordered for the Department of Human Services until all existing materials in current supplies are fully depleted. No new deeds, contracts, badges, signs, printed and educational materials, or other department supplies will be ordered with the new name until all items currently in inventory are fully utilized. In addition, updates to the computer systems reflecting the change in name will take place only with the normally scheduled computer maintenance that would have occurred.

Please fully verify your facts. If any reader has any questions regarding House Bill 993, they can contact me at (215) 674-3755 or via e-mail at


152nd House District