Zoe Snell, 10 at left, Cameron Snell, 9, Peyton Simonds, 9 and Jaysin Haugh, also 9, at right, play in the creek at Camp Security Park in Springettsbury
Zoe Snell, 10 at left, Cameron Snell, 9, Peyton Simonds, 9 and Jaysin Haugh, also 9, at right, play in the creek at Camp Security Park in Springettsbury Township on Thursday. (John A. Pavoncello — jpavoncello@yorkdispatch.com)

July didn't live up to Marguerite Turner's pool-weather standards.

"Usually our busiest month is July," said Turner, owner of Pine Ridge Swim & Tennis Club at 2454 Pleasant View Drive in Springettsbury Township. "It started out good, but the last few weeks haven't been 'hot' hot."

Meteorologists say July has been cooler than in the past few years, a result of the same persistent polar vortex weather systems that caused frigid temperatures over the winter months.

The weather systems work the same way as in the winter months, forcing warm air in the jet stream south and allowing cooler air from Canada to filter over York.

'Refreshing': But instead of ice and cold, that translates into "refreshing" weather with slightly cooler than normal temperatures and less humidity, said Aaron Tyburski, meteorologist for The National Weather Service.

Turner agrees the weather has been pleasant, but said it's not the kind of summer temperatures that encourage trips to the pool.

Only three days caused thermometers to creep past 90 degrees in July this year in the York area, said Paul Walker, senior meteorologist for Accuweather. That's compared to seven 90-degree days in July 2013, he said.

The average of combined high and low temperatures for York in July was 72.7 degrees, Walker said, compared to 76.4 last year. The last notably cool July was in 2009, when the average temperature was 70.4 degrees, Walker said.


Precipitation for the month is slightly lower in York than last year, Walker said. This year, July yielded 3.14 inches of rain for York, compared to 4.59 inches over the same span last year.

Sunshine swimmers: Though the heat isn't as suffocating as its been in past summers, the amount of days with sun has still convinced most swimmers at Wisehaven Swimming Pool to use their memberships, said general manager Kelly Templeton.

"The sun has been shining more days than not," Templeton said, "We're super grateful for that."

Templeton said June is often the busiest month for the pool, located at 2989 E. Prospect Road in Windsor Township. If she could control the upcoming August weather, Templeton said she'd continue wishing for the sunshine.

"Warmer wouldn't hurt either," she added.

York pools might get a boost in August before the beginning of school zaps the crowds, according to Walker.

The start of the month will likely be rainy: Walker said scattered showers will persist from Friday until Sunday, with a chance for steadier rain from Saturday into Sunday morning.

But long-term models show weather patterns could allow for "normal" temperatures by the middle of the month, he said. Based on past averages, that includes temperatures between 83 and 87 degrees, Walker said.

That's compared to historical averages, Walker said, but that might not be enough to convince those who remember last summer's heat.

"People remember what happens recently in terms of thinking what 'normal' is," he said.

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