Earlier this week, the NCAA Championships Department reversed a decision that York College would be required to forfeit three men's soccer matches because of a rules violation.

The games will now be considered "vacated" games, not forfeits.

Combined with Thursday night's CAC playoff overtime victory at Frostburg State, the overall record for the Spartans is now 16-2-2. The overall record of the three teams impacted by the original ruling of forfeited games _ Salisbury, Penn State Harrisburg and Marymount _ will be adjusted to reflect the original result of the match.

York is ranked second in this week's NCAA Division III South Atlantic Region.

The third-seeded Spartans, three-time CAC Champions, will host fifth-seeded Mary Washington Saturday in the conference title match, beginning at 2 p.m.

The NCAA Championships Department has three general classifications of results other than the result of a legally-completed contest:

A) "No Contest" means the game never started because of transportation issues, weather or similar pre-event problems.

B) "Forfeit" can only happen during the actual event, usually by a team refusing to play or not having enough players to play, often because of injury or ejection from the contest.

C) "Vacated game" occurs after the match was played to completion, but later determined that an NCAA rules violation occurred, often through the use of ineligible personnel (players, coaches, etc.).


A vacated game means the result of the contest does not change, but the contest should be listed in the records as a vacated game. Individual conferences may then apply penalties for the infraction if warrented, such as changing playoff seedings or making a team ineligible for conference playoffs.