Henry J. Hirsch Jr. v. Carla S. Hirsch, both of Spring Grove.

Matthew W. Pyle, Felton, v. Tawney M. Pyle, Red Lion.

Tracey Lee Allison, Dallastown, v. Mark William Allison, Glen Rock.

Joshua Packard v. Whitney Packard, both of York.

Brian A. Stroup, Stewartstown, v. Teresa A. Stroup, Heath, Ohio.

Nichole L. Groft v. Joshua T. Groft, both of Wrightsville.

Rick E. Stough v. Susette S. Stough, both of Red Lion.


Robin A. Adams, formerly known as Robin A. Seaman, Lancaster, from Michael D. Seaman, Jacobus.

Linda M. Spagenberger, now known as Linda M. Stupack, Pasadena, Md., from Robert A. Spagenberger, York.

Aileen M. Baker from Richard O. Baker, both of Delta.

Todd B. Cooper, York, from Cynthia A. Cooper, Red Lion.

Steven C. Pfefferle, Dover, from Marja T. Pfefferle, Pittsburgh.

Melia L. Moore, York, from Charles H. Moore Jr., Northumberland.

Donna M. Bates, Rosedale, Md., from M. Robert Bates, Los Angeles.

Marie T. Blauser from Michael P. Blauser, both of Dover.

Cecilia N. Murray, York, from Paul D. Murray, Philadelphia.


Deborah L. Bocklage from Edward T. Bocklage, both of Glen Rock.

Melissa F. Fogle from Harry E. Fogle, both of Dallastown.

Jane McGowan from Charles L. McGowan Jr., both of York.

Francisco Colon from Olga Elena Santa, both of York.

Lauren C. Baer from Kevin D. Baer, both of Hanover.

Beverly P. Morgart-Weakly, now known as Beverly P. Morgart, Dover, from James E. Weakly, York.

Donna E. Finn, Red Lion, from Patrick M. Finn, Danbury, Conn.

Nannette F. Bunner from Kevin T. Bunner, both of Red Lion.

Wayne Richard Stough, Red Lion, from Christina Lynn Stough, York.

Eloise Hesse, Shrewsbury, from James M. Hesse, Stewartstown.

Steve W. Speary from Jacqueline E. Speary, both of Dallastown.

William Auchey, Spring Grove, from Connie Auchey, York.

Bret M. Fuller from Ruthanne M. Fuller, both of Wrightsville.

Terri L. Schuchart, Spring Grove, from Scott A. Schuchart, Hanover.

Jayme K. Smith, Belcamp, Md., from Steven N. Smith, Brogue.

Thad D. Fullem, Felton, from Sherry L. Fullem, Red Lion.