Brittany R. Graves, York, from Dustin L. Graves, Manchester.

Vienna L. Greenland, now known as Vienna L. Smallwood, from Joshua E. Greenland, both of York.

Hamed Fenwick from Nichole Wilder-Fenwick, both of York.

Keith Lowell Anderson, Millersville, Lancaster County, from Christine Kay Anderson, Hallam.

Shandi Kleiman from Ivan Lester Kleiman III, both of Red Lion.

Staci Beasley, formerly known as Staci Brinkley, York, from Arthur James Brinkley Jr., Salisbury, Md.

Michelle C. Harmon, Stewartstown, from Richard L. Stonebraker, Baltimore.

Susanne A. Neff, York, from Dwayne D. Neff, Yoe.

Kayla Rae Hummel, Wrightsville, from Sean Hummel, Red Lion.

Abdo G. Nasim, Shrewsbury, from Carol L. Nasim, Towson, Md.

Matthew J. Rogers, Glenville, from Katie E. Rogers, now known as Katie E. Fox, Dallastown.

Robin John Abfalter, York, from Ranae Lynn Abfalter, now known as Ranae Lynn Fisher, Little Falls, Minn.

Emily J. Umunna from Uchechukwu Umunna, both of York.

Emily Corinne Fink, Emigsville, from Scott Allen Seipple Jr., York.

Kelley Black, York, from Adam Young, Harrisburg.


Rebecca N. McCurry, formerly known as Rebecca N. Moxley, from Christopher L. Moxley, both of Delta.

Linda B. Stermer, now known as Linda B. Stoner, from Matthew D. Stermer, both of York.

Gary L. Yetter from Ragan L. Yetter, both of Manchester.

Rodney D. Grim, York, from Diane E. Helwig, formerly known as Diane E. Grim, Spring Grove.