Dana Lee LaFrance, formerly known as Dana Lee Vuchinich, Mount Wolf, from George Wayne Vuchinich, Belleville, Mich.

Brandy Lehman, formerly known as Brandy Nace, from Derrick Nace, both of York.

David Earling, Shrewsbury, from Marantha Earling, York.

Anna E. Knuth, Hanover, from Raymond J. Knuth, Stewartstown.

Kimberly D. Buchar Kelley, now known as Kimberly D. Buchar, from Jerry L. Kelley, both of Glen Rock.

Margaret Ivy Jones, now known as Margaret Ivy Pringle, York, from Arthur Jones, Rosedale, N.Y.

Raymond Hoffmaster, Manchester, from Danielle Hoffmaster, York.

Stephen Eugene Breeden, Red Lion, from Melissa Marie Breeden, Baltimore.

Sherrita L. Keefer, Chester, Va., from Hiram Eugene Keefer, Felton.

Dawn A. Stuyvesant, York Haven, from Bruce Stuyvesant, New Cumberland.

William H. Rittenhouse, Dover, from Melissa M. Rittenhouse, York.