Zack Ryon Colbert from Erin Alexa Colbert, both of York.

Lisa M. Eberly from Darryl L. Eberly, both of York.

Jennilee Deimler, York Haven, from Derek A. Deimler, Newberry Township.

Nicole L. Bennawit from John F. Bennawit Jr., both of York.

Scott J. Russo from Christine L. Russo, both of York.

Tracy Hunter from Timothy Hunter, both of York.

Matthew C. Hodges, York, from Sarah L. Hodges, Bernville, Berks County.

Karin M. Taylor from David W. Taylor, both of York.

Orlando Rodriquez from Consuelo Vazquez, both of York.

Sarah E. Thompson from Jeremy M. Thompson, both of New Cumberland.

Heather A. Ingoe, New Freedom, from Justin W. Ingoe, Seven Valleys.

Gregory A. Miller from Lisa K. Miller, both of York.

Shannon M. McCleary, now known as Shannon M. Hare, Dover, from David J. McCleary, Hanover.

Stacy Boyd-Rauscher, York, from John Rauscher, Fairfield, Iowa.

Christopher A. Wagner, Wolcott, N.Y., from Sharon E. Wagner, Hanover.

Arthur J. Boyer, York, from Jennifer Boyer, Dover.

Derrick Michael Myers-Holtzinger, Wrightsville, from Jessica Lynn Holtzinger, East Prospect.