Sean A. Liddle, Thomasville, v. Roxanne Liddle, Smyrna, Del.

Pauline S. Caraker, Dover, v. Robert E. Caraker Jr., Enola, Cumberland County.

Troy A. Pawelczyk v. Jan M. Pawelczyk, both of York.


Jennifer Rule v. George M. Rule III, both of York.

Nicole Lynn Lohss, formerly known as Nicole Lynn Scoufalos, Glen Rock, from Thomas Scoufalos, Red Lion.

Patricia L. Ewell from James E. Ewell, both of Felton.

Christopher Dale Rhodes, Chambersburg, Franklin County, from Angela Rhodes, now known as Angela Wallace, York.

Jerry A. Figard, York, from Crystal G. Figard, Manchester.

Donna L. Donald, New Cumberland, from Jon C. Donald, Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Craig R. Himes from Laurie A. Himes, both of Manchester.

Sarah K. Delliger, formerly known as Sarah K. Greising, Dallastown, from Jesse R. Greising, York.

Summer Guthrie from Jon Guthrie, both of York.

Maria Marcelina Mendez, York, from Francisco Vargas Perez, Lajas, P.R.

Paul R. Sampson Jr. from Aleisha M. Sampson, both of York.

Danielle Youngman, East Prospect, from Timothy Youngman Jr., York.

Joshua M. Uhl, York, from Christy L. Uhl, Red Lion.


Dena M. Johnson, York, from Peter McConneghey, New York City.

Holly Marie Fox, formerly known as Holly Marie Massey, Dallastown, from Dale Edward Massey, York.

Angel L. Barbosa-Felix from Ayalia Dora Avila Lopez, both of York.

Kelly Nicholson, York, from Jason Nicholson, San Antonio, Texas.