Terry E. Ort, Thomasville, v. Nadine M. Ort, York.

Raquel Ocasio v. Angel Luis Lopez, both of York.

Wendy M. Redding, York, v. Calvin W. Redding, Red Lion.

Travis A. King v. Jessica L. King, both of Lewisberry.

Danielle C. Cooke v. Jason W. Cooke, both of Red Lion.

Tammy Marie Eckert v. Wade Allen Eckert, both of Hanover.

Stacey Taylor Watson v. Wilbur Keith Watson, both of Dover.


Fern L. Stephens from Anthony V. Stephens, both of York.

Bridget Woltman, Red Lion, from John Ellworth Woltman III, Dominican Republic.

Karen K. Sheely, now known as Karen K. Kuntz, from Thomas M. Sheely, both of Hanover.

Cheryl A. Anthony from Craig E. Anthony, both of York.

Richard D. Smith, York, from Kimberly L. Smith, Timonium, Md.

Cindy L. Leturno from Larry L. Leturno, both of Stewartstown.

Anita Eileen Daszkiewic from Michael Leslie Daszkiewicz, both of Hanover.

Robert Franklin Miller, Thomasville, from Mary Hope Miller, Hanover.

Robert J. Blake from Edith M. Blake, both of Hallam.