Erin Renee Pierce, Windsor, v. James Michael Pierce, Hershey.

Aigul I. Bodnar, Dover, v. Troy A. Bodnar, York.


Angelica M. Badillo, York, from Benjamin Badillo, Chester.

Natalia Calmic Syrett, York, from Andrew McKay Syrett, Canyon, Utah.

Raymond F. Finke from Nancy J. Finke, both of Hanover.

Jennifer J. Hurley from Patrick W. Hurley, both of Hanover.

Constance F. Harness, formerly known as Constance F. Speck, York Springs, from Gerald B. Speck, Dillsburg.

Kenneth R. Jacoby Jr., Wrightsville, from Tempest C. Jacoby, Jacobus.

Richard E. Steffee, York, from Barbara Anne Stone, Lancaster.

Lori Ann Hardy, now known as Lori Ann Wolf, Red Lion, from Michael L. Hardy, Brogue.

Stephen E. Slothower from Susan E. Slothower, both of Wellsville.

Donna Edwards from Arthur Edwards, both of Felton.

Melissa A. Gouge, Stewartstown, from Clifford G. Gouge, York.

Michelle R. Durant, formerly known as Michelle R. Whorley, York, from Duane O. Whorley, Baltimore.

Diane L. Gabriel from Louis A. Gabriel Jr., both of Hanover.

Nicholas L. Day, Street, Md., from Megan K. Day, Delta.


Kevin J. Kanya from Debbra L. Kanya, both of York.

Marc Runyan, York, from Sherry M. Runyan, Hanover.

Adam Dorwart, York, from Amber Dorwart, Enola.

Jacob V. Thompson, Dallastown, from Sarah C. Thompson, Glen Rock.

Susan H. Houck, now known as Susan H. Hunter, Stewartstown, from Cameron B. Houck, Red Lion.

Timothy C. Yakim from Julia E. Yakim, both of York.

Myrna Victoria Jones, Dover, from William Earl Jones, address unknown.

Annemarie B. Voitel from James K. Voitel, both of York.

Lori A. Petraco from Bruce S. Petraco, both of York.

Wendi R. Webb from Glenn T. Webb, both of Hanover.

James Tokarz, Newberry Township, from Patricia F. Tokarz, Aquebouge, N.Y.

Gregory M. Stough from Carol A. Stough, both of York.

Gloria I. Bosley from Timothy J. Bosley, both of Red Lion.

Steven D. Ward from Tracy A. Ward, both of York.

Amy S. Boll from Andrew A. Boll, both of York.

Courtney F. Erdman, formerly known as Courtney F. Washel, Glen Rock, from Derek A. Washel, York.