Heather M. Gallagher, York, v. Michael D. Gallagher, Manchester.

Dana Heath, Hanover, v. Renard Heath, Baltimore.

Michael H. Ritz, Newberry Township, v. Margaret J. Ritz, York.

Emily A. Sweitzer v. Craig S. Sweitzer, both of Red Lion.

Tona T. Shaver v. Scott O. Shaver, both of Dillsburg.


Margaret A. Smith from Byron D. Smith, both of York.

Jerome L. Singer from Brenda V. Singer, both of Hanover.

Victor R. Riddle, Hanover, from Georgia F. Riddle, Applecreek, Ohio.

Steven P. Rearich, York, from Maxanne M. Rearich, Felton.

Cynthia Ogden, Gallup, N.M., from James A. Ogden, Royersford, Montgomery County.

Susann Bridges, Felton, from Edward Bridges, Delta.

Dale Eric Houck from Stacey Lynn Houck, both of Dillsburg.

Lori A. Velasco from Edison Velasco, both of York.

David Eugene Hare from Lynda Diane Hare, both of Hanover.

Joanne M. Smith, Dover, from Adrian V. Smith II, York.