Dominique L. Jordan-Tosh, York, from Raymond E. Tosh, Jacobus.

Gregory A. Reigle, Fairview Township, from Judy A. Reigle, Dover, Del.

Fatima Z. Good from Scott E. Good, both of York.

Heather Lynne Nyeste from James Andrew Nyeste, both of York.

Mark David Miller Jr. from JaNell Marie Miller, both of Fawn Grove.

David A. Boggs Jr. from Sarah Michelle Boggs, both of York.

Bart J. Kornbau, York, from Karen Kornbau, Baltimore.

Heather L. Dittenhafer, Dallastown, from Jacob D. Dittenhafer, York.

Wayne Allan Howson, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, from Christina Maria Howson, Middletown, Dauphin County.

Lonetta C. Girardin, now known as Lonetta C. Smith, York, from Erik J. Girardin, Laurel, Md.

Erin N. Anstine Eyler from Jonathan D. Eyler, both of York.

Tina M. Strausbaugh, York, from Perry W. Strausbaugh, Gettysburg.

Kim B. Dorn, York, from Philip A. Dorn, Carlisle, Cumberland County.

Kyle L. Kauffman from Amy S. Kauffman, both of York.

Kimberlyn Ann Broskie, Red Lion, from Andrew James Broskie, Puyallup, Wash.

Ryan A. Bridge, Mount Wolf, from Dawn R. Bridge, Manchester.


Jared Glenn May, Dillsburg, from Kathleen Susan May, Mechanicsburg.

Ralph W. Spadley, York, from Aubrey J. Spradley, now known as Aubrey J. Hitzelberger, Bradenton, Fla.

John T. Miller III, Jacobus, from Abby L. Miller, York.

Johnathan J. Martin, Camp Hill, Cumberland County, from Kayla Martin, York.

Carlos Rene Rodriguez from Madeline Garrastegui, both of York.

Joseph H. Via II, Cleona, Lebanon County, from Beverly M. Via, York Haven.

Wade B. Melvin, Red Lion, from Beverly A. Melvin, Randallstown, Md.

Chad S. Markel, Red Lion, from Tana L. Markel, Mount Wolf.

James Jakob, Louisville, Ky., from Treasa Jakob, New Cumberland.

Whitney K. St. Jean, Morgantown, Va., from Nacius S. St. Jean, York.

Sandra E. Mundis from Samuel A. Mundis, both of Red Lion.

Ernest G. Marcum from Kimberly M. Marcum, both of Hanover.

Luz E. Colon, Windsor, from Israel Morales Jr., York.

Kiki Jerman from Ralph Jerman, both of Dallastown.

Robert N. Smith Jr., Glen Rock, from Alison Denise Smith, Baltimore.

Randy A. Gross from LaRee A. Gross, both of Dover.

David B. Hamme from Ginger L. Hamme, both of Hanover.

Stephen C. Myers, Mechanicsburg, from Brenda K. Myers, Wellsville.

Tammy Sue Martin from Thomas Edward Martin Jr., both of Spring Grove.

Barbara H. Coyle, now known as Barbara L. Harmon, from Marshall F. Coyle, both of York.

William T. Liverman from Clydiene F. Francis, formerly known as Clydiene F. Liverman, both of York.

William Welsey Baker from Ashley Nicole Baker, both of York.

Ashley M. Bingman, Mechanicsburg, from Zachary A. Bingman, Fairview Township.