Anthony David Ferrell from Kristen Nichole Ferrell: both of York.

William L. Buckingham from Charlotte A. Buckingham: both of Dover.

Morris J. Zettlemoyer from Kathleen Zettlemoyer: of York and Middletown, Dauphin County.

Nancy Hooper from John C. Hooper: of Camp Hill, Cumberland County, and York.

Derrill R. Dersch from Judy S. Dersch: of Dallastown and York.

David A. Krupa from Victoria Ann Krupa: of Alvaton Ky., and Mount Wolf.

Kathleen M. Mulliken from John D. Mulliken Sr.: of Lititz, Lancaster County, and Seven Valleys.

John J. Haney from Catherine Haney: of York and Leesburg, Va.

Joseph J. Yeckley from Kimberley Yeckley: both of Baltimore.

Cameron Texter from Elizabeth K. Texter: of Harrisburg and York.

Wendy Sue Bechtel from Ricky Daniel Bechtel: of Dillsburg and York Haven.

Leeanne Foust from Paul Eric Foust: of Dallastown and Windsor.


Kelly J. Hildebrecht, now known as Kelly J. Kinard, from Matthew L. Hildebrecht: both of York.

Tracey L. Reever from Robert R. Reever: of Dover and Spring Grove.

Laura M. Amalfitano from Mark A. Amalfitano: of York and Red Lion.

Robert G. Daughtrey from Lycercia A. Daughtrey: of Spring Grove and Hanover.

Donna L. Wolgemuth from Burt A. Wolgemuth: of Stewartstown and Glen Rock.

Deanna M. Kipp from Jay E. Kipp: both of York.

Beth A. Nelson from Joey L. Nelson: of Red Lion and York.

Brian E. Cook from MaryAnn Cook, now known as MaryAnn Carricato: both of Mount Wolf.

Robin S. Miller from Christopher L. Miller: of Dover and York.

Allen J. Jackson from Karen A. Jackson, now known as Karen Ann Fallon: of Bel Air, Md., and West Seneca, N.Y.

Christina S. Colgan from Brian M. Colgan: of Hanover and McSherrystown, Adams County.

Angela L. Richcreek from James R. Richcreek: of Wormleysburg, Cumberland County, and York Springs, Adams County.

Jacquie Lynn Fishel from George W. Fishel II: of Spring Grove and Thomasville.

Dawn Cropper from John Cropper Sr.: of Stewartstown and Dallastown.

Donna M. Rauhauser, now known as Donna M. Waters, from Troy E. Rauhauser Sr.: both of York.

Amanda M. Dorer from Shannon L. Dorer: of Delta and Red Lion.

Sandi W. Allmond from Virgil Allmond: both of York.

Peggy Sue Hoover, formerly known as Peggy Sue Pusey, from Guy Burton Pusey: of Willow Street, Lancaster County, and Milford, Del.

Wanda M. Horton, now known as Wanda M. Royal, from Billy G. Horton: both of Delta.

Brian Dudley from Ashleigh Dudley: of Dallastown and New Freedom.

Kevin Bruce from Stacey Bruce: of Manchester and York.

Irma Rebecca Stevens Martin from Roger Glenn Martin Jr.: of York and Jacobus.

Paul M. Hennel from Shannon D. Hennel: of Mount Wolf and York.

Denis Bazuine from Melissa A. Bazuine, also known as Missy Bazuine: both of New Freedom.

Theodore P. Giertz from Shannon L. Giertz: both of York.

Terri Almoney from Stephen Almoney: both of Delta.

Lucinda K. Vacchino from Derek J. Vacchino Sr.: of York and Brockton, Mass.

Pamela A. Laucks from Stephen O. Laucks: of York and Dallastown.

Barbara Elizabeth Hacker Allshouse from Mark Everd Allshouse: of York and Middletown, Dauphin County.

Stephanie T. Singer from Buddy R. Singer: of Lancaster and York.

Joseph M. Dormer from Earlene F. Dormer: of Quarryville, Lancaster County, and York.

Jennifer M. Aggelis, now known as Jennifer M. Schuder, from Michael Aggelis: of York and Red Lion.

Kristina M. Berninger from James S. Berninger: of Camp Hill, Cumberland County, and York Haven.

James P. Munene from Christina J. Willis: of York and Baltimore.

Melinda Tosh Mathias from Thomas Lee Mathis: of York and Shippensburg, Cumberland County.

Joshua David Walstrum from Alma Nichole Walstrum: of York and Fannettsburg, Franklin County.

Travis A. King from Jessica L. King: of Lewisberry and York.

Carrie L. Deichman from Stephen W. Deichman: of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, and York.

Terry E. Ort from Nadine M. Ort: of York and Thomasville.

Stacey Greenstreet from Herman Earl Greenstreet Jr.: of New Freedom and Conyngham, Luzerne County.

Shawn A. Stambaugh from Florence M. Stambaugh: of Spring Grove and Clearville, Bedford County.

Chris Daugherty from Victoria Daugherty: of Dallastown and Lancaster.

Kristina L. Sandmann from Jason N. Sandmann: of Mount Wolf and Ephrata, Lancaster County.

Katherine A. Godfrey from Byron L. Godfrey: of Thomasville and Spring Grove.

Evelean Clay from John K. Mathies: of York and Deltona, Fla.

Julia C. Klitch from Joshua M. Irvin: both of New Cumberland.

Miranda Kohler from Stephen Kohler Jr.: of Thomasville and Spring Grove.

Terry L. Bream from Kimberly R. Bream: of Thomasville and Hallam.

Wade N. Heath Jr. from Linda J. Heath, now known as Linda J. Kanwischer: both of Dover.

Linda L. Goodwin from Rickey E. Goodwin: both of York.

Elizabeth Estep, now known as Elizabeth Rivera, from Ronald G. Estep: both of York.

Brooklyn D'Arrigo from John Knowles: of Fawn Grove and Bel Air, Md.

Susan E. Boyer, formerly known as Susan E. Carroll, from Jay C. Carroll: of York and Dover.

Jennifer Rene McMahon from Christopher Joseph McMahon: of Red Lion and Finksburg, Md.

Ronda L. Sanders from John R. Wills: of York and Dover.

David Edward McKenna from Brittanee Kirstyn McKenna: of Brogue and Oreland, Montgomery County.

Shannon D. Martin, formerly known as Shannon D. Minichino, from Joshua L. Minichino: of York and Red Lion.

Christopher George Blankenship from Kayla Lynn Blankenship: both of Hanover.

Errol A. Reid from AnnMarie S. Reid: both of York.

Amy L. Hendricks from Richard D. Hendricks: of Airville and York.

Brigitte J. Bodnar, now known as Brigitte J. Delzingaro, from Rick J. Bodnar: both of Hanover.

Amber L. Heller, now known as Amber L. McLain, from Ronald L. Heller Jr.: both of York.

Kacie E. Schweers, now known as Kacie E. Davis, from Damon T. Schweers: of Glenville and Wrightsville.

Jason A. Bowman from Vasiliki G. Morris: of Seven Valleys and Lancaster.

Shayne E. Fox, formerly known as Shayne E. Gambrel, from Jonathan S. Gambrel: of Hanover and Camp Hill, Cumberland County.