Laurie A. Hess v. Gregory A. Hess: of York and Seven Valleys.

Nancy L. Zartman v. Samuel R. Zartman: both of Hanover.

Adam C. Miller v. Kathlene C. Doll: of Red Lion and York.

Kevin Brunicke v. Amber Brunicke: both of Stewartstown.

Haveanel G. Sexton v. Rondolph L. Sexton: of York and Austell, Ga.

Opal L. Moats v. Jonathan R. Moats: of Dover and York.

Edilvianiliz Vega-Colon v. Jhonattan Diaz-Jimenez: both of York.

Kevin E. Miller Jr. v. Kristine N. Miller: of York and Dallastown.

Cynthia L. Caulder v. Michael A. Caulder: of Wrightsville and York.

Kelly M. Lookingbill v. Shawn P. Lookingbill: of York and Thomasville.

Julie R. Romig v. Jayson W. Romig: both of York.

Karen M. Standfield v. Perry T. Standfield: both of Seven Valleys.

Amy S. Wallace v. William J. Wallace: both of York.

Charles L. Clayton Jr. v. Amy M. Clayton: both of New Park.

Janell Nicole Rout v. Stuart John Rout: both of Hanover.

Sherri L. Cole v. Richard W. Cole: of York and Seven Valleys.