The Central York School District is teaming up with the Panther Foundation to get a new scoreboard with no cost to taxpayers.

District officials and the foundation agreed to a memorandum of understanding that calls for the foundation to pay for the purchase and installation of a new scoreboard and for the revenue from advertisements shown on the board to benefit both parties.

The memorandum was discussed during Monday's board meeting. Board member Eric Wolfgang said the scoreboard project is a "great effort" that helps the school district and its taxpayers.

The school board will vote at its next meeting to make the agreement official.

The agreement: The foundation and the district began working on the scoreboard issue in May, developed the memorandum over the next few months and signed the agreement around the beginning of November, said Dave Timbur, the executive director of the Panther Foundation, which does projects to benefit the district.

Both Timbur and Michael Snell, the district's superintendent, said that the current scoreboard still functions, but is outdated with no replacement parts available to maintain it. The current scoreboard is in an end zone on the football field.

The new scoreboard's cost has yet to be determined, Timbur said. The goal is to have a new scoreboard installed by the end of the school year, he said.


The memorandum calls for both the district and the foundation to select and agree on the model, features, location, design and appearance of the scoreboard.

The district will secure a company or contractor to install the scoreboard according to the district's standards and policies. The district and the foundation will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the scoreboard, according to the memorandum.

No advertising and sponsorship agreements are binding unless approved by the school board.

The proceeds: Advertising and sponsorship proceeds will be used to install advertising, to set up a maintenance fund that the district will use for maintenance and repairs, and to reimburse the foundation for purchasing and installing the scoreboard.

After the foundation's reimbursement, the net proceeds will be divided evenly between the foundation and the district, according to the memorandum.

If a repair cost exceeds the amount available in the maintenance fund, then the district and the foundation will each pay 50 percent of the cost.

Timbur said this is the Panther Foundation's 28th project for the district.

"We want to benefit everybody," he said. "That's why we're here. We meet with the district to see what projects they need help with and then we find a way to do it."

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