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EDITORIAL: Full circle on Paris

11/16/2015 02:54 PM EST
The distance between peace and terror on Friday seemed about as far as the distance from Pennsylvania to Paris. 
Full Story
EDITORIAL: Thanking vets goes beyond words
11/11/2015 12:48 PM EST - "Thank you for your service" is a refrain meant to express the appreciation we feel for our veterans. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Casting the first chunk of asphalt
11/09/2015 11:16 AM EST - Last week's headlines demonstrate the dichotomy of York City as it's taken by an undeniable momentum toward revitalization. Full Story

EDITORIAL: More 'fantasy' than you realize
11/06/2015 10:32 AM EST - Drop by a York County sports bar during a fall Sunday, and you'll find dozens of your neighbors happily mesmerized by the flickering action on the various televisions throughout the facility. Full Story

EDITORIAL: We can do better at polls
11/05/2015 12:28 PM EST - Thumbs up: Congratulations to our newly elected public officials, and a tip of the hat to all the candidates who cared enough about our community to try to make a difference. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Let's get hotel tax done
11/04/2015 12:37 PM EST - For nearly five years frustrating years, York County officials and our representatives in Harrisburg have been trying to level the tourism playing field in south-central Pennsylvania. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Don't vote only by capital letters
11/03/2015 11:11 AM EST - They make it so easy. You walk into your polling place, sign in, chat with the poll workers, get a computer card, go to the computer with a privacy screen and put your card in the slot. Full Story

EDITORIAL: WellSpan needs to make this right
11/02/2015 10:40 AM EST - A patient who had heart surgery at WellSpan York Hospital in 2010 was diagnosed with an infection from a rare bacteria in 2012. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Teens' antics give life lessons
10/30/2015 01:56 PM EDT - Actions have consequences. Bad actions have bad consequences. That's a necessary lesson that every young person must learn. Full Story

EDITORIAL: Good dog, McGruff
10/29/2015 11:50 AM EDT - Thumbs up: Beware, would-be thieves in the Dover area — a real-life McGruff the Crime Dog is on patrol, and it just might take a bite out of you next time. Full Story

Australian Christmas tree sets record with 518,838 lights

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian set his third Christmas-themed world record in as many years Friday by illuminating a tree in downtown Canberra with 518,838 twinkling lights. Full Story
Sony employees' hacking suit settlement gets preliminary OK

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a settlement of up to $8 million between Sony Pictures Entertainment and current and former employees related to the hack of the company's computers last year. Full Story