Thumbs up: One of our online commenters said it best: "Classy move WellSpan."

The local health provider -- the largest employer in York County -- recently donated $600,000 toward the renovation of the York City police department's headquarters.

York City has a $5 million state grant to modernize its former City Hall into an accredited, state-of-the-art facility for its police department, but late last year bids repeatedly exceeded engineers' estimates -- leaving the city with a contingency fund of just $130,000.

Having vowed not to spend local dollars on the project, city officials began considering cost-saving options.

Now, thanks to WellSpan's contribution, the work can go forward as planned.

"Without their help, there were some things that would have been removed from the project," Police Chief Wes Kahley said. "They've been good partners for us before. They saw a need and we're glad they stepped in to help us out."

The new WellSpan Police Training Center will serve as a classroom and computer lab for police officers to complete mandatory training and continue their education, which will be available to police departments across York County.

Thumbs up: To our local law enforcement agencies, which, in a recent whirlwind of activity, rounded up nearly 200 suspected criminals in two separate busts.


Operation Sunrise this week netted 80 people following an 18-month investigation. The suspects run the gamut from street-level drug slingers to gang members to "importers," according to York County District Attorney Tom Kearney.

The lengthy undercover operation that culminated Wednesday focused on heroin and cocaine dealers, including those involved in gang activity, he said.

Just a week earlier, West York Police announced the arrests of 110 people they say were involved in a large retail theft ring that netted an estimated $750,000 in stolen merchandise.

Ring members worked in crews of three to four people and targeted 92 businesses at more than 300 locations in five counties in Pennsylvania and two in Maryland, according to West York Police Officer Dave Kahley.