Thumbs up: To York County Community Foundation, for leading a new push to help local municipalities understand the benefits of regionalization.

The local nonprofit is proposing a new board -- a "multi-municipal authority" -- to explore consolidation opportunities between York City and West York and North York boroughs.

"Regionalization of public services is an important tool that reduces duplication, saves money and helps communities grow stronger," foundation President William Hartman wrote in letters to the three municipalities. "The future of York County depends on the health and vibrancy of the City of York and its larger boroughs."

Hartman's letter cites the findings of a recent study by YorkCounts, a foundation committee. Generally speaking, the study concluded York municipalities could save money by consolidating police departments.

But regionalization is often a tough sell to municipalities, where residents fear a loss of control or a reduction in service.

A case in point is West York, where the borough council recently solicited bids for police service from neighbors, but ended up shredding them sight unseen in the face of strong opposition.

So that didn't work out. There are other times, other municipalities and other ways they can pool resources and lower costs.

As long as everyone is still talking -- and this proposed board is a perfect way to keep the conversation going.


Thumbs up: Happy birthday to York City's historic Central Market.

She's celebrating her 125th later this week (a few months late), but doesn't look a day over 100 since her recent $1.9 million facelift.

And that's perfect, because the goal was to maintain the market's historical integrity and 19th century appeal, while modernizing, upgrading and sprucing up certain areas.

Market staff will be hosting a public anniversary bash Thursday, one that will also celebrate the completion of the renovation.

The market is selling $25 tickets for a three-hour evening at the market, which is usually open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Between 6 and 9 p.m. Thursday, all vendors will be open and offering food tastings, beer, wine and live music. At 8 p.m., guests and vendors will gather for a cake-cutting and group photo.

For tickets, call the market office at (717) 843-2243 or visit