These are exciting times for York County in statewide politics.

Former state Rep. Eugene DePasquale was elected auditor general last year, becoming the first local politician to hold state office since Gov. George Leader in the 1950s.

Now we have gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf, a businessman and philanthropist whose timing combined with his personal wealth make him a threat to incumbent Tom Corbett.

Yes, both DePasquale and Wolf are Democrats.

But it should be a point of pride for York countians of any political stripe that some of our own are making serious forays onto a larger stage.

Wolf brings to this race some of the qualities we all value.

As CEO of The Wolf Organization Inc., a York building-products company that has been in his family for six generations, the 64-year-old Mount Wolf resident continues to provide hundreds of quality jobs in York County.

Despite the demands of his business, Wolf has always taken the time to give back to the community, including stints as chairman for several organizations in YorkCounty -- including the United Way and York County Chamber of Commerce.

His message might register with both Democrats and Republicans tired of Corbett's business-focused style of governing.

"As someone who runs a business, I depend on good schools, roads and bridges, and we don't have them," Wolf said.


Public education, infrastructure and creating jobs would be among his top priorities as governor, he said.

With Corbett battling stubbornly low approval ratings, the governor is ripe for a challenger with a fresh perspective.

Combine that with Wolf's pledge to spend at least $10 million of his own money on his campaign -- well, Corbett already has a race on his hands more than a year before the 2014 election.

And it's coming from a little borough in the heart of York County.