Thumbs up: Cody Lehmann apparently didn't know how special he is.

But his classmates did.

To the cheers of the entire student body, the Central York High School senior received the district's Resiliency Award last week. The award was created in honor of former Penn State football player Adam Taliaferro, who suffered a paralyzing spinal injury, but defied the odds and doctors' prognoses to walk again.

Lehmann, 19, has a rare congenital and cognitive condition called Kabuki syndrome, which affects only 1 in 32,000 newborns. He's had 17 medical procedures, including open heart surgery at the age of 2, a hernia repair, cleft palate repair and more.

Despite the obstacles, he's been a four-year team manager for the basketball and football teams, and also now helps the baseball team, assisting them all with stats, equipment and more.

Overcome with emotion, Lehmann stood center court in the gym April 8 as his life story was read, going over how he overcame his life-threatening condition, one that requires him to wear a body brace most of the day, to become a dedicated, beloved senior.

Holding his award afterward, he said he couldn't believe his fortune.

"It was something I never thought would happen," Lehmann said of recognition. "It makes me feel like I'm something special."


Thumbs up: To 12 York County veterans who fought for their country in World War II and to the Rotary Club of York, which arranged a trip to Washington, D.C., for the men to see the memorial dedicated to their service.

The club sent them to the National World War II Memorial as part of the Honor Flight Network's mission, which helps veterans travel free to their respective memorials.

Among the veterans was Art Kahley, 90, who spent two years and three months overseas during the war. He said he was glad to get down to the memorial.

"This was a very neat thing they did," he said. "This was a nice program."

The vets were welcomed at the memorial by a military honor guard and other visitors.

"They were the superstars, the rock stars of the day. As they should be," said JT Hand, a Rotarian and Army veteran who accompanied them.

Thumbs up: ... And good luck to the two York County lawmakers appointed to a new House committee focusing on improving school safety.

As part of the committee, state Reps. Seth Grove, R-Dover, and Mike Regan, R-Dillsburg, will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of school security, from armed officers in schools to budgetary concerns. A report is expected this fall to the House.