We understood the U.S. Postal Service's decision to close the huge marble landmark where it's done business in downtown York City for more than 100 years.

The agency is in serious financial trouble and has been downsizing and streamlining operations for years just to stay above water.

By 2011, all that remained at the 68,000-square-foot, 200 S. George St. building in York City was a 10-employee retail operation that only required about 5,000 square feet.

It didn't make sense for the Postal Service to continue owning and maintaining such a large property when it only needed a fraction of the space.

But York City residents and businesses still needed a full-service post office downtown.

While we agreed when the agency first announced two years ago its intention to sell the high-columned property and seek another location, we were concerned the new spot might be less convenient for customers.

That fear was put to rest last week when the Postal Service delivered the news:

Not only would the post office relocate within the city's business district, the agency also would be remodeling and revitalizing two vacant properties on West Market Street.

The post office will move to 152-162 W. Market St. -- an area city officials have been trying to breathe new life into for some time.

City Mayor Kim Bracey, whose administration lobbied to keep the office downtown, summed up our feelings:


"We're all going to miss the edifice that was the York City Post Office," she said. "But any time we're able to fill a vacant building in downtown York, I always remain optimistic (for more redevelopment)."

The U.S. Postal Service is remodeling the new building, installing post office boxes and building counters to create a retail space. The move will occur sometime in July, simultaneous with the closing date for the South George Street property, according to postal service spokesman Ray Daiutolo.

In one area, the new location might be even more convenient -- it has 14 off-street parking spaces. That's good news for anyone who has tried parking in one the few spaces in front of the current post office.

One thing that would make this deal even better would be to quickly find a new use befitting the stately old post office.

It's too grand and unique to have it sit vacant long.