Thumbs up: Thankfully, this tale has a happy ending.

Lucy Pawloski of Springfield Township was watching two dogs for her son, David, last week while his family vacationed in South Carolina.

One of the standard poodles, Copper, is a service dog for her granddaughter, Emily, who has autism. The other was trained for the duty but didn't quite make the grade. Georgia is now a family pet.

Both dogs are almost always at Emily's side, Pawloski said.

Pawloski was hosting a birthday party Sunday for a grandson at her School Road house when he and two other boys took Georgia and Copper for a walk. Copper tugged on his leash, pulling it out of the hands of a boy who was holding it, and ran off. Georgia soon followed suit, she said.

The family made a plea for help finding the dogs, and after about a day and a bit of detective work, Copper was found and returned to Pawloski.

Georgia, however, continued her adventure until Wednesday.

That's when Pawloski returned to the Jacobus home where Copper was found and searched the wooded area.

Pawloski said she soon spotted the missing pooch.

"She was running from me when I yelled 'Emily needs you,' and she stopped. I said it again and she turned and ran into my arms," Pawloski said.

Pawloski appreciates the help that made the reunions possible.

"It makes me so happy to see that people really care," she said.

Thumbs up: Outgoing York City Police Capt. Ron Camacho won't be fishing or puttering around the house during his recently announced retirement.

But he will be traveling.

The department's No. 2 officer has accepted a job with a private government contractor that will soon send him to war-torn Afghanistan. He will be stationed with an Army infantry company for a year, teaching soldiers policing techniques, including developing intelligence and proper crime-scene investigation.

"I'm going to do my part in the war on terror," he said. "I've been looking for other opportunities for a while. I think it's a restless side in me. ... And it's something I've always wanted to do."

It's also something he's well-qualified to do.

In addition to his 18 years with the city department, 21/2 as commander of the SWAT-type York County Quick Response Team, Camacho also is a veteran Army paratrooper, reaching the rank of sergeant during his eight years of service.

The 44-year-old's last day with the department is Monday.