Thumbs up: Word is getting out about York County's Hometown Heroes.

The program began in November and so far more than 910 York vets have received ID cards that entitle them to discounts on purchases and services from the 140-plus businesses that have signed up for the program.

In addition to the obvious benefits, the program also is aimed at encouraging veterans to have their DD-214 honorable discharge papers recorded with the county, said York County Recorder of Deeds Randi Reisinger.

Once vets leave the military, their discharge papers should be kept in a secure place -- and it doesn't get more secure than at the Recorder of Deeds Office, which has filing them since 1749.

Reisinger said "So it's kind of the peace of mind of knowing that your document is a permanent record."

She said the papers are "safe and sound" in the office, it's free and easy to get certified copies, and vets can keep the original copy.

Veterans can file their papers with Recorder of Deeds' office at 28 E. Market St. in York City and received their ID from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at the office.

A list of businesses that participate in the program is at

Thumbs down: Some jerk or jerks went to a lot of trouble to do something really stupid in New Freedom last week.


Police said someone broke into a boarded-up former bar near Steam Into History and stole a chair to climb into one of the nonprofit's trains.

There, the vandal discharged a fire extinguisher inside an open wooden rail car, damaged the engine's windshield wiper and pulled loose wires to the train's public address system.

"This looks like kids just being mischievous, that's what I suspect," said Bob Gotwols, chief operating officer of Steam Into History. "In their opinion they're having a good time at someone else's expense."

Lives, people, get some lives.