State Sen. Mike Waugh has been a public servant to the people of York County for decades.

The Shrewsbury Township Republican was elected to the House in 1992, and six years later voters sent him to the Senate. Before joining the Legislature, Waugh served on the township's board of supervisors.

Last week, he announced he would not seek re-election when his term ends next year, which was less of a surprise than the reason he gave.

Waugh revealed he was recently diagnosed with a medical condition and will require treatment, though he's optimistic of a speedy recovery.

We hope that's the case, and our thoughts will be with him.

Two local Republicans with very different styles already have expressed interest in the 28th District Senate seat.

Neither state Rep. Ron Miller of Jacobus nor York County Commissioner Steve Chronister have made it official yet, and last week both said they were more interested in Waugh's recovery than in making announcements of their own just then.

If they do throw their hats in soon, they'll be the first in a primary field that's almost sure to grow.

The 28th is a heavily Republican district, and it's the only Senate District located entirely in York County. A vacancy will be an opportunity too good to pass up for at least a few more potential candidates.

But with Miller and Chronister already testing the waters, we're getting a glimpse of what should be an interesting Republican primary next year.


Miller has served 14 years in the Legislature and has proven to be a straight-forward, party-minded public official.

On the other hand, Chronister, a former golf pro in his third term as county commissioner, has never been shy about rocking the Republican boat.

Chronister, who describes himself as a "fiscally conservative and moderate-thinking" Republican, has publicly blasted Gov. Tom Corbett on several occasions for cutting county funding and questioned the accomplishments of the York County delegation.

Yes, there's no love lost between Chronister and his party.

Asked about his potential run for the state Senate, York County Republican Party Chairman Bob Wilson said the commissioner has "thrown his name into different hats to run for different positions and never did anything."

He suggested Chronister is just "seeking the limelight" now.

"That's just because Mr. Wilson doesn't have Steve Chronister as one of his suck-ups," Chronister explained of the slight. "I don't believe in following lock-step with everything that I don't believe in. I'm not going to do things just because I'm a Republican. There's no way I would kiss his ring for anything."

It's refreshing when a candidate feels free to speak his mind, especially when what he says makes some sense.

That's not an endorsement -- Miller has yet to make his case for the seat, and we'll have to see who else steps forward.

It's simply an acknowledgment that the debate in this race is likely to be lively.