York City School District has four charter schools.

Charter schools are independently operated, but funded by the chartering district. Districts get a partial reimbursement on the per-pupil tuition they pay. Here's an overview of the city schools' charters and their expected tuition payment, not including reimbursement. Enrollment numbers are as of the 2008-09 school year.

---Crispus Attucks Youthbuild Charter became the first district charter in 1999. It serves about 85 students ages 17-21. Estimated 2010-11 tuition: $623,000.

---Lincoln Elementary, which has about 750 preschool through fifth-grade students. In 2000, it became the first public school in the state to be converted into a charter school. The school is now run by Edison Learning Inc. Estimated 2010-11 tuition: $6.5 million

New Hope Academy opened in 2007. It has about 315 sixth-12th grade students. Estimated 2010-11 tuition: $5.4 million

---Helen Thackston Middle School opened this year for sixth- and seventh-grade students and is also run by Edison Learning Inc. About 195 students attend as of this year. Estimated 2010-11 tuition: $2.5 million

---About 150 city students attend cyber charter schools as well. City schools expect to pay about $935,000 in cyber school tuition next school year.

The four charters and the cyber school estimated expenses total $15.9 million, not counting reimbursement.

Two more charters are being considered:

---HOPE for All Charter School would be for 10th-12th grades.


Entrepreneurial skill-developing would be emphasized with a student-run café. The school would be in the building occupied by the HACC-York campus on Pennsylvania Avenue.

---York Academy would be run by the quality-of-life nonprofit York Counts. The K-12 York Academy Regional Charter School would have an International Baccalaureate program that emphasizes global awareness and group learning.

It would be shared with the Central York and York Suburban school districts, which also would get to send any of their own students and share the costs. The school would be located on West North Street. York Suburban and Central York school boards already approved the application.

HOPE and York Academy tuition estimates aren't yet finalized.

The school board is expected to take a vote on the two charter applications at its regular meeting Monday.