Clayton Fruhling has help getting on a camel. (Submitted)MORE PHOTOS
Clayton Fruhling has help getting on a camel. (Submitted)
“One of the biggest culture shocks I ever experienced,” York College senior Clayton Fruhling says about his recent trip to Egypt. He had never traveled out of the country.
Emily Arndt, an alumnus of York College, says it was the best three weeks of her life. 
“Egypt was the number one place to go on my list,” adds Arndt. “Traveling is the best education you can get.”
Sixty-three adventurers traveled to the 'Land of the Pyramids!' as part of 2010 Spring Mini-mester, which was set up by David Fyfe, Assistant Professor of Geography in York College's Department of History and Political Sciences. 
This was the second year Fyfe contacted a mini-mester. Last year the group, about half the size as this year, went to Peru.