Another York City school board member has resigned.

Gregg Nelson resigned from the board last week, said board president Margie Orr.

Nelson follows Gary Calhoun, who resigned a month ago and was replaced by former member Aaron Willford.

Nelson resigned because he didn't feel he had enough time and had family obligations, Orr said. That echoes concerns Nelson voiced in the fall of 2011 when he initially announced he wanted to resign from the school board despite having just been elected. Nelson soon changed his mind and began serving his four year term.

"People run for school boards and they don't realize how time consuming it will be," Orr said.

Nelson's remaining three years will be filled by appointment, Orr said. That person will be selected at the next board meeting on Nov. 26, as Orr said there's no time to wait.

Orr said that, just like with Willford, the board will find someone who is a "great supporter of the district" and someone they already know.