Beverly Atwater's seat on York City School Board is set to be declared vacant on Tuesday.

According to board president Margie Orr, the board will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday to vote on a resolution whether Atwater's seat should be declared vacant. Orr said the outcome is all but certain.

"We all got together and said enough is enough," Orr said of recent board discussion. "She is not performing her duties anymore."

Atwater has missed several recent meetings, including the committee meeting last Monday, without informing the board secretary or Orr.

Only regular meetings of the board count toward official attendance, however, according to state law. Orr said Atwater has missed three regular meetings in a row without notice, and that the board could have moved to vacate the seat after two unexcused absences.

The school board in 2009 removed Hiawatha Powell because of his lack of regular attendance.


Atwater earned re-election in 2009 to a four-year term, and had previously served as vice president of the board. She is the longest tenured member, having started in 2001. Atwater was not immediately available for comment.

Orr said Atwater's pattern of making a meeting or two and then missing several "isn't fair" to other board members and doesn't lend itself to keeping up with the budget and other issues.


Atwater caused a stir in July when she tried to vote on New Hope Academy's charter renewal, but was not allowed because she had missed the hearings and hadn't read the hearing transcript. Atwater said she'd pursue legal action, but Orr said that never happened. Atwater said she did not attend the hearings because she did not believe they were truly giving "due process" to New Hope.

The school board has had two members -- Gregg Nelson and Gary Calhoun -- resign in the past month, and have filled both positions through appointments.

Orr said Atwater's replacement won't be decided on until after the board reorganizes next Wednesday. If Orr is reappointed as president, she said she'll open up the process to candidate submissions, unlike the past two vacancies.

That's because Orr said she isn't aware of other qualified candidates already familiar with the district like appointees Diane Brown, a former president of Parent Advocates for Children, and Aaron Willford, a former board member. As a result, she would want to seek candidates.