West York Area High School will be under police watch after the school received word of a threat by a student.

In a letter to parents on Wednesday, principal Janet May said a student made threats that fall under their "Terroristic Threats/Acts" policy, causing administrators to investigate.

The student has been removed from school for the rest of the week at least, May said, and as a precaution, West Manchester Township Police are going to have a presence at the school through the remainder of the week. Police are investigating the incident.

Additional rumors circulating about the undisclosed threats caused May to write to parents, she said, as she wanted those rumors "squelched and replaced with the truth."

"West York Area School District will not tolerate threats on student safety," May said, as she commended students who reported the information to administrators. The threat was made Monday.

The Sandy Hook tragedy and overall increased vigilance on security also convinced May it was worthwhile to write a letter to parents, when typically that's not the protocol about a terroristic threat.