York City School District's Chief Recovery Officer will now have until April 17 to complete his "blueprint" for the district after getting an extension from the state.

According to a news release, chief recovery officer David Meckley got an additional 36 days to work on his plan on transforming York City schools. He's been used a 20-person advisory committee to come up with ideas. His plan will eventually be voted on by York City School Board.

The original deadline was this week, but Meckley had said all along an extension would be sought and that the state wants York City to get it right, rather than get it done fast.

For more information on the committee and plan, visit www.ycsdrecoveryplan.org.

The committee meets at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the district adminisration building. They'll be discussing details on some possible plans they've come up with so far, such as converting York City to all charters, merging with surrounding districts, or having district administrators come up with their own plan.