New Hope Academy will hold a meeting to address parents' questions and concerns Thursday night regarding the state ruling to close the school Jan. 15.

The meeting, which will begin at 6 p.m. for parents will have two main purposes, said Meagan Feeser, a spokesperson for the school.

One will be to inform parents about the upcoming appeals process, and what will happen during the interim for students at the school.

The other aim will be to tell parents how they can get involved in the efforts to keep the school open.

Feeser said parents can sign the online petition at as a first step. She said parents will also receive information about how they can share their success stories at New Hope with their local and regional representatives, in attempts to garner support for the school.

Feeser said the school will also give parents information about cooperative efforts to share success stories, such as coordinating video testimonies about why they chose New Hope for their children.

Feeser said she expects the meeting to last for about an hour. Founder Isiah Anderson will be there to address the parents, as well as several other school officials.