Common Pleas Judges Michael Bortner and Tom Kelley will keep their seats on the bench for another 10 years, with voters approving retention for both men in Tuesday's election.

Bortner took 32,580 votes, 73.5 percent, for retention to 11,738, 26.5 percent, against his retention. Kelley's numbers were slightly lower, with 31,971 voters (72.3 percent) approving of retention and 12,239 (27.7 percent) voting against it.

Row officers: Three York County row officers were re-elected after facing no challengers and appearing on the ballot alone. They were District Attorney Tom Kearney, recorder of deeds Randi Reisinger, and county controller Robb Green.

Voter turnout: County voter turnout was significantly higher than the expected 15 percent. Of the 268,268 registered voters in York County, 50,924, or 18.9 percent, turned out to vote.

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